Maida Quality Control System
Maida products are recognized worldwide by organizations such as UL©, CSA©, and VDE©. Compliance to many other standards such as ANSI©, and IEEE© are also available. Maida products have a long heritage of proven, high quality performance and reliability. They even worked their way to the moon and back during the Apollo Space Program. Maida’s success story in part has resulted from a continuous dynamic program of research and development for improving both products and manufacturing processes to meet customer needs.
In the production process, we use the common and efficient quality control tool of SPC to monitor and control the products quality. A highly experienced and senior cross-functional team is established to maintain quality products and continuous improvement. Complete reliability testing is available to perform UL,cUL & VDE standard test and other required features test.

In order to provide customers with more excellent and reliable products, we set up the following quality control system according to the international standards and the actual situation of Maida company.

IQC-Incoming inspection is used to control that only qualified products can be used in the production line, and to ensure that suppliers can supply raw materials steadily. Key feature testing is performed by experienced quality inspectors. Periodic suppliers assessments are also carried out to ensure that suppliers have a stable quality control system.

IPQC-IPQC is used to confirm that WIP can meet Engineering requirements. We set up a reasonable and regular inspection process to ensure that the products can be produced under complete control.

FQC-FQC is also carried out by experienced quality inspectors to ensure that customers can get fully satisfied products. The key features are strictly sampled and tested by international standard sampling. The detailed FIR-Final Inspection Report can be provided upon request.