Standard Series Varistors

UL1449, cUL, VDE approvals, RoHS/REACH Compliant, the Standard Series is our broadest and most comprehensive line of radial-leaded varistors. Available in sizes from 5mm to 25mm, and MCOV from 11VAC to 1000VAC (additional voltages available upon request). Designed to handle low and medium voltage.

HC Series

UL1449, cUL approvals, RoHS/REACH Compliant, the HC Series is designed for pulse repetition and/or higher surge current environments. Typical uses are LED lighting, photo controls, GFCI / AFCI / LCDI applications. Available in sizes from 8mm to 25mm, and MCOV from 130VAC to 550VAC.

Low Profile Series

UL1449, cUL, RoHS/REACH Compliant, the Low Profile Series compliments our Standard Series using square discs. Available in sizes from 12mm to 25mm square, and MCOV from 130VAC to 1000VAC. Designed for applications where component space is a premium.

High Energy Series

UL1449, cUL, RoHS/REACH Compliant, the High Energy Series are large tab-leaded, or wire-leaded, varistors. Available in 25mm, 32mm, 34mm square, 40mm, and 53mm configurations, and MCOV from 130VAC to 1000VAC. Designed for high surge environments > 20kA.

Thermally Protected Series

UL1449, cUL, RoHS/REACH Compliant, the Thermally Protected Series is designed for safe disconnection of the MOV from the circuit due to abnormal conditions. Available in 2 or 3 leaded configurations, with diameters of 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, and MCOV from 60VAC to 750VAC.

eMOV Series Varistors

UL1449, cUL, RoHS/REACH Compliant. The eMOV Series can withstand higher surge energies (up to 1200A) than MLV’s or SMT’s while offering surface mount packaging. Available in EIA 2825 and 4032 packages, UL94V-0 rated, and MCOV from 11VAC to 680VAC.

MLV Series

RoHS/REACH Compliant, the MLV Series is a surface mount, multilayer MOV. Designed to provide transient, and ESD protection in EIA 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210, 1812, 2220 chip sizes, and MCOV from 4VAC to 300VAC (additional voltages available upon request).

High Voltage MLV Series

The HV MLV Series is a surface mount, multilayer varistor (MLV) design for line voltage applications. While typical MLV’s are designed for low voltage applications, these MLV’s are available with maximum continuous operating voltages (MCOV) ranging from 150VAC to 300VAC. Available in EIA chip sizes of 0806 and 1206. RoHS/REACH Compliant.

SMD Series

The SMD Series is ideal for SMT. The SMD Series utilizes the same ceramic elements used in the leaded Standard Series. These are a direct replacement to their comparable Standard Series counterparts with all the same electrical characteristics. Available in 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, and 20mm disc sizes. UL94-V0 rated. RoHS/REACH Compliant. They are available with operating voltages (MCOV) ranging from 11VAC to 550VAC.