MPDS Series

The MPDS Series is a smaller form factor of our MPD Series, featuring an IP65 enclosure rating, and is used for transient overvoltage protection. The MPDS Series utilizes metal oxide varistors to provide a protection package for use in many applications such as commercial and residential indoor/outdoor LED lighting fixtures, with and without thermal protection. The MPDS Series can be connected in series or parallel, and is RoHS compliant. The MPDS Series is available with operating voltages of: 120VAC, 277VAC, 347VAC, and 480VAC.

MPD Series

UL1449 Type 4CA, cUL, a modular surge protective device, featuring an IP65 enclosure, utilizing thermal protection with MOV’s to provide a complete protection package. Can be connected in series or parallel with the load, operational indictor, and MCOV of 120VAC, 277VAC, 347VAC and 480VAC. Nominal Discharge Current (IN) rating of 5kA or 10kA and an IMAX of 10kA or 20kA. Used heavily in the lighting industry for LED street lighting, roadway lighting, parking/garage lighting, and digital signs.