Through Hole Products

The Standard Series is our broadest and most comprehensive line of radial-leaded varistors. Consisting of wire leads with nominal disk diameters from 3mm to 25mm, they are available with maximum continuous operating voltages (MCOV) ranging from 11VAC to 1000VAC. The Standard Series is designed to handle most low and medium power applications requiring through-hole components. Products comply with UL Type 2 and Type 3 listings. The Standard Series is available in bulk and industry standard tape and reel configurations for automatic insertion.

The Low Profile series complements our Standard Series of varistors. These varistors are square in shape allowing them to fit into smaller spaces than the equivalent round varistors. They offer a lower seating height and smaller width on the PC board. Voltages series range from 130VAC to 1000VAC. Four sizes are available; 12mm, 17mm, 22mm, and 25mm. The Low Profile Series is available in bulk and industry standard tape and reel configurations for automatic insertion.

The HC Series of varistors were designed to withstand the rigors of higher pulse repetition requirements, and higher one pulse peak surge currents. The HC Series can handle higher peak currents than our standard series of varistors of the same diameter. Customers that need to meet UL943 requirements find these particularly useful. These are available in round disc sizes of 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18,20mm, and 25mm diameters with voltages ranging from of 130VAC to 550VAC. Square discs are also available in sizes of 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 20, 22, and 25mm with voltages ranging from 130VAC to 550VAC. Products comply with UL Type 2 and Type 3 listings. The HC Series is available in bulk and limited tape and reel configurations for automatic insertion.

The High Energy Series large tab-leaded varistors are designed to handle high peak currents and have the ability to absorb large amounts of energy. These are available in both round and square shapes to allow mounting in various spaces and in dual configurations. Available in 32mm, 40mm, and 53mm single-disk configurations; 25mm and 34mm single-square configurations; 40mm dual-disk configuration; and 25mm and 34mm dual-square configurations. Voltages range from 130VAC to 1000VAC.

The Thermally Protected Series is designed for safe disconnection of the varistor from the circuit due to abnormal operating conditions. These components consist of 2 or 3 wire leads, a thermal disconnect, and have nominal diameters of 14mm, 20mm, and 25mm. Voltage ranges from 60VAC-750VAC with peak surge currents of 4.5kA/6kA (14mm), 10kA (20mm), and 18kA (25mm). The Thermally Protected Series is designed to handle similar through-hole applications as a standard varistor.

Surface Mount Varistor Products

The Encapsulated MOV Series is ideal for SMT processing and Pick and Place assembly. Its low profile package offers space savings compared to leaded devices. These encapsulated components can withstand higher surge energies (up to 1200A) than MLVs. They are available in standard EIA sizes of 2825 and 4032 packages. The construction is RoHS compliant and the coating is UL94-V0 rated. UL/cUL recognition is pending.
The SMV Series are monoblock ceramic chips terminated on each end. Designed for Surface Mount applications they available in voltages from 10 to 275 VAC. Dimensions are 0.320 in. x 0.200 in. with a 0.080 in. maximum thickness. SMV Varistors are available in bulk and industry standard carrier tape for automatic insertion.

Maida MLVs(Multilayer Varistors) are available in 5 different designs. The SV SERIES provides good high current pulse protection with moderate capacitance and low cost. The TV SERIES offers lower capacitance than the SV series. Energy and maximum current protection is also reduced. The EV SERIES is our lowest capacitance MLV which is ideal for protecting high speed data lines from ESD on hand held devices. The PV SERIES is our Power MLV series. These offer higher current pulse protection and high reliability for applicatiions where higher capacitance is not important. The AV SERIES is a viristor array designed for protecting multiple I/O connections in a single package, saving PCB space and insertion costs.

Additional Products

Maida Development Company and X2Y Attenuators, LLC. have developed a new line of Power Line Filtering components. These new products are using over 60 years of Maida ceramic technology and are constructed in accordance with the patented X2Y Architecture. The new device family provides: Differential Mode Filtering performance from 150 KHz. Common Mode Filtering of 30db to 50db from 30.0 MHz thru 6.0 GHz.

The X2Y architecture facilitates the efficient use of capacitance (the device operates faster at lower frequencies) and inductance cancellation (at the higher frequencies), thereby performing as a true broadband filter device. The initial product offerings have working voltages up to 250VAC. Packaging options include chassis or wall mount and PC mount. These are UL 1283 recognized.

The Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Series are designed to withstand the rigors of overvoltages and transient currents with excellent surge current to size ratio. GDTs exhibit very low capacitance values which are beneficial in numerous applications: including data and communication protection. The GDT Series are also used in AC power line applications as they exhibit no leakage current and have small to large surge capabilities. Standard and custom sizes are available with no wire lead, wire leads, and surface mount options. Standard and custom voltages are also available.

TVS Diodes:
The Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS)Diode is an overvoltage protection device typically used for protection against overvoltages caused by transients such as lightning, inductive switching, and ESD. TVS Diodes typically respond to transients faster than many surge protective components. Maidas TVS Diodes are offered in various configurations with numerous operating voltages and surge current ratings.

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